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Who We Are


Sometimes meeting others for a very first time can be kind of a scary moment. Here at Wooden Cross we want to give you some sense of what you might experience should you decide to drop in for a visit…


  • We will say “Hi” and someone friendly will likely try to get to know you a bit.

  • We will sing some songs that speak of Jesus and his abiding love for us. Some of the music will be from the deep history of the church. Some of the music will reflect more modern sensibilities.

  • We will pray together.

  • We will invite you to a deep experience of being present with a living God in something we know as “Communion.” It involves bread, wine or grape juice and a huge helping of God’s presence… It is GOOD!

  • If you happen to have children, they are always welcome in worship with us.  We are kind of a big “family room” and family rooms are lively and raucous last we checked.  But if you might need a bit of a break or an extra hand, we have a nursery attendant on staff who is amazing with children and is there for you.

  • We will read from the Bible after which our pastor seeks to help bring this ancient Word to bear in the lives we all live.

  • You will hear how God is in love with you and is seeking you relentlessly.

  • After service, we often hang out together, drink coffee, eat something, get to know one another and hear invitations for various ways to sink deeper into the love of God and how this love creates opportunities to connect with God, grow deeply in faith and friendship together and then go out to serve and invite others to experience God in some wonderful ways.


And that’s kind of the general rhythm around Wooden Cross. Each week “does” this stuff a bit differently, but we are guided by a deep belief that God is calling us into a place of deep trust and a community where we are trying to discover together all kinds of ways to live out our faith in meaningful ways.


We would love to get to know you and together we can encourage one another in finding all the beautiful ways God meets us in the midst of life… the good, the bad, and the otherwise.


We look forward to meeting you and your family. Perhaps you will find in us wonderful companions in exploring the rhythms of faith and life.


God be with you and hope to see you around…

2019 Church 3.jpg
2019 Church 2.jpg
Eagle Scout Project 2017    Fire Pit.jpg

Eagle Scout Project--Fire Pit

Eagle Scout Project 2012 playground 3.JP

Eagle Scout Project--Playground

2019 Church 9.jpg

Prayer Labryinth

2019 Church 8.jpg

Meditation Area

2019 Church 10.jpg
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